BlissBIT Develops School Grading Sheets

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So you’re a teacher.  And you’re finally satisfied with your complex syllabus, though the final grade isn’t exactly easy to calculate…BlissBIT can help!  See screenshots and the sample read-only version below. For example: Participation is worth 10%, five exams are worth 50%, but you only count the highest three. And you have occasional pop quizzes which make up 15% of […]

New to BlissBIT: Text-In

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BlissBIT is excited to announce Text-In. Text-In is a flexible, app‐free tool designed to collect and track text messages sent from anyone, anywhere. Custom and out‐of‐the‐box reports process the texts and present useful, easy‐to‐read information for your business in real‐time dashboards. Click here to download a printable one-page information sheet. How can my organization use […]

Cash Forecasting Tool

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Click here to download my favorite cash forecast tool (Excel-based) Did you know that Bliss BIT provides financial analysis services for businesses of all sizes? Whether you’re a multi-million-dollar corporation or just a little guy who’s thinking about opening a bar, Bliss BIT can provide full financial planning, analysis, and forecasting services at any level of detail. […]

Why paperless?

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Does a small organization really need to be paperless?  After all, you’re already making money… The truth is, paper works at first.  It’s easy to keep your bank statements, receipts, contracts, invoices and more in a filing cabinet.  Anyone with a few marbles upstairs and some time on their hands can organize their paper so […]